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The Escalate Action within a request enables the manual escalation or de-escalation of the request's priority.

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A Priority can either be set by a BPM Workflow automatically or it can be manually added as part of an assessment stage. The Escalate Action lets you set the initial Priority Level or change it at a later point in the life of a request if there is a need to escalate or downgrade the request to a different priority level.

Select the priority from the list of available prioritises

  • This action can be used to escalate to a higher priority, or de-escalated to a lower priority
  • A comment to support the change in priority is mandatory
  • A post will be added to the request's timeline to record the change, who performed it and when it occurred
  • The post can have it's level of visibility changed to be visible to the the customer of the request on the portals, team only, owner only etc

Impact Assessment

A feature is available to enable an Impact Assessment which can be launched and updated from within the Escalation Action. The Assessment is triggered from the BPM workflow and is represented by an Impact Assessment button. When clicked on, the user will be taken through a number of questions. Each answer provided will have a weight value against it to automatically apply an Impact Level based on the responses to the questions.