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View emails in a full window, see the from and to addresses as well as the time sent or received.

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Email Actions

Email Viewer.png

Multiple actions are available to you from the email view.

  • Back - Select the back directed arrow icon to be taken back to the emails list view
  • Reply - Select the left directed arrow icon to open the email composer with the From email address from the email added to the To email address for the reply
  • Forward - Select the right directed arrow icon to open the email composer
  • Delete - Select the trash can icon to delete the email and move it to the deleted folder
  • Move - Select the folder icon and drop down to choose a folder to move the email too
  • HTML View - Select the A icon to toggle between a plain text view and an HTML preview of the email content
  • Mark as Read - Select the eye icon to mark the email as read

Use the Sideways Arrows icon to expand the More information panel in the preview pane Showing:

  • The To email address
  • Any Related Media of the email