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Hornbill’s Document Manager can be accessed as part the Hornbill Mobile client to ensure that you have your documents on hand wherever you are. Documents can be downloaded from either your own personal library or you can access any of the available public libraries. Once you have your document you can view, email, copy, print, and more.

Share your document and collaborate on the contents with your co-workers. Publish your document to a public library to share with everyone in your company and access documents published by other users.

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My Library

View all documents in your library or libraries which have been shared with you. By default this will be set to view Your Library

  • Switch the library view using the > icon and choosing the library you wish to view
  • Change the order the documents are displayed by selecting the ... icon and choosing to sort by:
  • Title
  • Owner
  • File Type
  • Creation Date
  • Updated Date

Open Documents

Select a document name to open / download the document on the mobile

Use the mobile devices propriety features to then

  • Print
  • Share
  • Email

Select Done to return to the list of documents

Document Information

Select the i icon next to a document to view it's details and options

Depending on if you are the owner of a document, or the rights which have been afforded to you, you may see the following options available to you.

  • Edit
Select the Pencil icon to edit the document title or description
  • Comment
Add a comment to the activity stream of the document
  • Share
Choose to share the document with a co-worker, assign rights to view, and modify details and content
  • Owner
Change the owner of the document
  • Status
Change the status of the document from draft, active or retired
  • Publish
If in an Active status publish the document to a library
  • Lock
Check the document out for editing and lock / unlock it
  • Follow
Choose to follow the document to receive notifications about updates to the document and it's activity stream on your newsfeed
  • Open
Open the document
  • Tag
Add document tags to the document

Document Information Sections

  • Info - Expand the info section to see information about the document title, owner, file type etc
  • Sharing - See who the document is shared with, what rights they have to the document, and as the owner edit the rights and access
  • Published - See which libraries the document is published in
  • Tags - See which Document Tags the document has attributed to it

Activity stream

View all the posts and comments of the document

  • Change the order the post and comments are sorted by using the *** icon and sort by Recent Comments or Recent Posts
  • Like a Post or Comment
  • Add a Comment to an existing Post
  • More - Copy Text, Link, or Translate the Comment or Post

Document Tags

View and find documents by their Document Tags

  • Use the *** icon to switch the displayed tags by either List or Collection view
  • Clicking on a Document Tag will display a list of all documents with that Tag.
  • Use the Magnifying Glass Icon to search for documents with a specific Document Tag
  • Select the document name to open the document on the mobile
  • Select on the i icon next to a document to view it's details and options