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Use these options to work with the back end data that is stored to support your apps. Manage Profile Trees that are used in your different apps or get to the root of the data with the Database Direct tool.



Profiles provide hierarchical tree structures that can be used within different application for applying profiles or categories.

  • Manage Application Profile Trees
  • Build Hierarchy structure

Data Import Configurations

Data Import Configurations.PNG

Manage your configurations used in conjunction with Hornbill's range of open-source import utilities.

  • LDAP Import Configuration

Auto Values


The Auto Values feature lets an administrator define how auto-generated values, such as reference IDs, are constructed. Places where more than a sequence number (000001234) is required, an Auto Value can be modified to include dates, time, location, teams, user IDs and more. There are many situations where this type of sequence is much more preferable over a simple numeric sequences.

  • Modify autovalue structures
  • Reset autovalues

Database Direct


Database Direct is a SQL query tool which can be used to interrogate your instance's database

  • Query your database

Background Jobs


Background Jobs in an interface to monitor any process or operation currently running in your instance