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From the Job Queue List it is possible to create Ad-Hoc Discovery and IT Automation Jobs. These jobs will be added to the Queue and executed once a registered SIS server downloads the Job from the cloud for processing. Credentials may be required to excute Jobs and will require creation using the Hornbill KeySafe. When creating an IT Automation Job a user must be aware of the Package to use and the relevant configurtaion details. This information can be sourced from the ITOM Package Library.

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Credentials are required for the Jobs to execute within the correct security context for the task completion. Depending on the Job type, and package used, there will one or more Credentials required to configure.

  • Admin Credentials
    Used when the package is deployed to the Target Machine and must have administration rights on the Target.
  • Run As Credentials
    Once deployed, the Package will need to be executed, by default; this will use the security context of that provided by the Admin Credentials. In some scenarios, this may not suffice as alternative rights may be required. The Run As Credentials will be used to provide an additional Credential for this purpose.

Note: The Service Account used for the SIS that facilitates the execution of the Job is employed where no Credentials are specified. By default the Local System account will not have the correct rights to deploy or execute any package remotely.}}


Hornbill ITOM <---- Site Integration Server (Local System)
				|--- Discovery ---- (AD, Browser ...) (Admin Credentials)
        |<---- returning data (http) ----|

IT Automation:

Hornbill ITOM <---- Site Integration Server (Local System)
				|--- (Deploy And Execute Package) ---> Managed CI
						                            |----> EspSisExec pkg (Admin Credentials) 
								                        |----> EspSisExecRunAs pkg (Run As Credentials) {Optional} 
        |<-------------------------------------------------------------- returning data (http) ----|

Credentials are securely stored in Hornbill KeySafe and are always transmitted over secure communications and thus will need creating before configuring any Jobs.

In some scenarios, depending on the package, additional Credentials may also be supplied. Command-line arguments facilitate the passing of Credentials to the packages' runtime.

Job Types

Used to discover devices on the network to populate the Inventory
Executes a single packaged task, that will execute on one or more computers