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This page looks at the available BPM Hornbill Automations that are available with the Core application. These automations can be used as part of BPM workflows from any application.

BPM Automation Help


Each BPM Hornbill Automation includes a help option which displays the Inputs, Outputs, and Outcomes for the automation.

Clicking on the Help icon will display a popup with the details about the Hornbill Automation. It is recommended to always reference this help over the information held within this page as it will be the most current.

  • Inputs
The are the configurable options that can be used as inputs to the automation. In most cases either hard set values or variables can be used.
  • Outputs
The output contain information that can be used for other process nodes within the workflow
  • Outcome
Signifies if the node completed successfully or not. These can often be used in decision nodes to determine a path for action when an outcome of a node is not successful

Core Application Hornbill Automations

  • Direct Message Send

Direct Message Send

This operation is used to send a mail message directly to one or more recipients without going through a shared or personal mailbox.


  • From Address
The from address for the email
  • From Name
The display name for the from address
  • To
A comma separated list of email addresses to populate the To field with
  • CC
A comma separated list of email addresses to populate the CC field with
  • BCC
A comma separated list of email addresses to populate the BCC field with
  • Subject
The email subject
  • Body
The email body. Supports HTML tags.
  • Priority
The priority to apply to the email. Defaults to normal if not set.
  • Get Organisation Details

Get Organisation Details

This operation will retrieve information about an organisational group.


  • ID
The ID or URN of the Organisation to retrieve.