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Hornbill Configuration gives access to Hornbill's advanced features and settings. The different areas within Configuration are sensitive to your rights and each user will only see the options for which they have been granted access.

You can access Hornbill Configuration from the main Hornbill App using the URL<instance-name>/. To view the Configuration select the cog icon Cogbutton.png displayed at the bottom of the left hand menu bar, or use Ctrl+Shift+S on your keyboard.


The Configuration Search provides rapid access to all of the configurable features and settings. The search is designed to query as you type, providing near instant access to the search results. The results will only include items based on the rights and roles of the user performing the search.


Using Search from the Keyboard

You can access the Configuration Search from anywhere within Hornbill using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S. Once you have entered search mode simply start typing and the most relevant search results will be returned as you type. Once you are presented with one or more search results, you can use the Up/Down arrow keys to highlight the search result of interest and press <return> to navigate to that item.

Search Help

Click on the Searchhelp.png to show a list of additional search options. This includes prefixes that can be added to your search text in order to get more focused results.

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The Configuration Selector allows you to browse the different areas that can be configured. When first opening Configuration, the view will default to My Personal Settings where a user can update and modify their profile. The availability of other items in this list are determined by the rights and roles of the current user.


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System Configuration

My Personal Settings

Personalize your Hornbill experience. Set your language preferences, configure your notifications and manage which devices are linked to your Hornbill account.


Platform Configuration

Platform Configuration gives you access to all the configuration settings for your Hornbill instance. Configure everything from setting up your Organizational structure including the users, departments, and teams that will be using Hornbill and their rights to what they can access down to setting up mailboxes, webhook integration, and the finite system settings.


Hornbill Solution Center

The Solution Center brings together all the information about your Hornbill. Apps, subscriptions, what's new, what's available, what's coming, and more.


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Application Configuration