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Each Service Manager user has the ability to select which columns are visible on the request list. This is a per user setting so that each individual can have their own list. This allows a user to display the information which is most important for them and the role that they have.

Modifying the Request List

  1. On the Request list tool bar select the Cog icon.
  2. The Customize Columns section is expanded
  3. To add a column to your list, simply select the column by clicking on the column name
  4. To remove a column from your list, simply unselect the column by clicking on the column name
  5. To decide on the order in which the columns will appear, simply drag and drop the selected column names into your preferred order
  6. Click on Save to apply


  • Hide column on small screens is available for each column in the Columns list. By selecting this icon the column will be automatically hidden if you use Service Manager on a device with a smaller screen resolution
  • Revert option will change the columns back to the default columns.