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Collaboration Roles are a collection of rights that are provided for different set activities within Collaboration. These roles can be allocated to the different users to quickly and easily allocate the available features required to fulfill their job.

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Default Roles

On the installation of Service Manager a number of default roles are included.

  • Collaboration Role
This role provides all standard collaboration functionality and should be granted to every user. This is a key role that every user that needs. A User cannot sign-in to Hornbill without having this role assigned to their profile
  • Contacts Admin
This role grants the rights to add, edit and delete contacts
  • Form Designer
This role grants the rights to design existing forms including adding additional fields as well as changing the default layouts
  • Organisations Admin
This role grants the rights to add, edit and delete organisations
  • Translator
This role grants the rights to define translations for application strings between different languages