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Add To Do checklists to a task

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Adding Checklists and Checklist Items

BPM Checklists.png

Click on Manage Checklists on a task and Add Group

  • Give the Checklist Group a Name
  • Click on the + button to add your first and subsequent checklist items
  • Use the arrows to re-order the checklist items in the checklist group
  • Use the trashcan to remove checklist items and or the checklist group
  • Use the Add Group to add subsequent checklist groups to the same task
  • Use the arrows to re-order the checklist groups on the task

Click Apply to add the checklist group/s to the task

Managing Checklists

Click on Manage Checklists to edit or delete the checklists associated to the task


  • When a user ticks a checklist item as having been complete on the task, the % progression through the checklist items will be indicated on the task
  • If you wish to prevent the completion of the task while there are any outstanding checklist items on the task, select the Do not allow completion unless it is 100% complete within the Task Details section when configuring the task.