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Should an individual leave the organisation without conducting a proper handover, Hornbill Document Manager affords us with the ability to identify all the documents and libraries owned by a particular individual and reassign ownership accordingly.

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Changing Ownership of Documents and Libraries

Identify the documents and libraries owned by a user and reassign ownership

One of the key principles of the Hornbill Document Manager application is that it promotes responsibility through ownership. If necessary, ownership can be changed by a user who possesses the Docmanager Admin security role.

Any user possessing this role will have the "Change Ownership" tile available in Hornbill Administration > Home > Hornbill Document Manager.

To find out which documents a user owns, do the following:

  1. Begin typing in the "Select User" field and choose the user
  2. From the list of Libraries and Documents that appear, select those that you wish to reassign ownership
  3. Click the appropriate "Reassign" button that becomes active
  4. Search and select a user and provide a reason for the reassignment
  5. Click "Assign"