How To: Cancel Requests through the Portals

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This How To will help you set up the portal so that customers can cancel their own Service Requests in the event that they are no longer required. The pre-requisite is that customers should have been given access to the portal, had services associated to them and been able to log the requests in the first place.

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Changes to Settings

In order to enable this feature, you would need to go to the Administration section of Service Manager, Home > Service Manager > Application Settings and search for guest.servicemanager.customer.request.enableServiceRequestCancellation. The default setting is Off but when switched on the contacts on the Customer Portal are able to cancel their Service Requests.

The guest.servicemanager.portal.request.enableServiceRequestCancellation is another setting that should be switched on to enable customers on the Service Portal to cancel their Service Requests.


Once those settings have been enabled, you would have to go to the Organisation contacts and for each contact, switch on their ability to Cancel Requests as shown below.



You might find that customers are still unable to cancel requests through the portal. This could be because of the roles.

If you are supporting internal users who use the Service Portal, then go to the part of the system shown in the screenshot and click on the Assigned Users tab. You can add the required users to the role. You can also use the LDAP tool to apply this to all users that need it.



In the Service Manager settings, you can enable notifications to be delivered to either analysts or teams when a call has been updated via the portal.


You can set up either email notifications, Hornbill notifications or both. You will need to set up the Outbound Routing Rule as shown in the example below. This changes depending on the domain of your organisation.



When a customer cancels a request via the portal if you enable these settings below they should receive a Hornbill notification and email notification once the request has been cancelled.