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The Cancel Action within a request provides the facility to cancel the request.

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Cancellation Reasons

A number of default cancellation reasons are provided, and one needs to be chosen and a supporting description provided before the request can be cancelled.

Cancellation reasons:

  • Created in error
  • Duplicate
  • Not needed
  • Other


Only users with the appropriate Cancel application right will see the option to cancel a request. By default this includes the following roles:

  • Incident Management Full Access (can cancel Incidents)
  • Problem Management Full Access (can cancel Problems and Known Errors)
  • Change Management Full Access (can cancel Change requests)
  • Release Management Full Access (can cancel Releases)
  • Service Desk Admin (can cancel all request types)

System Settings

The following system settings can be managed by your system administrator to control the behaviour once a request has been cancelled. These settings are available in the admin console: Home > Service Manager > Application Settings

  • webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.cancel.cancelRelatedActivities - This will cancel related activities when a request is cancelled
  • - Notification type for the team that a cancelled request is assigned to
  • - Notification type for the owner that a cancelled request is assigned to