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== Related Articles ==
== Related Articles ==
:* [[Board Manager]]
:* [[Board Manager]]
:* [[Board Manager Business Process Workflow]]
:* [[Business Process Designer]]
:* [[Business Process Designer]]

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The Board Manager Administration provides details of the configuration options for Board Manager which can be configured within the Administration portal.

Related Articles


Board Manager Roles

Hornbill Roles are used to group users with similar access requirements to the different applications or to Administration. Using roles takes away the need to manage rights on an user by user basis. A Roles is provided by Board Manager to use and allocate to users of the Board Manager app. Custom roles can also be created to meet any specific need.


Board Manager Settings

A number of advanced settings have been provided to allow for default configurations on how the Board Management app works.

Board Manager Simple Lists

Project Manager Simple Lists

The Simple Lists provide a way to define different pick lists or combo-box selections that are used through out the Board Manager app. The available options in a pick list or combo-box can also be translated into different languages from within the Simple List editor.

Advanced Analytics

Board Manager Analytics

Create measures, widgets, and dashboards

  • Measures
  • Widgets
  • Dashboards



Design reports

  • Entity, Measure and SQL Designer Options
  • Output Options - PDF, CSV, XLS, XLSX
  • Schedule Distribution to Document Manager