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This How To will help you set up the BPM to send emails out after x number of days

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BPM sending emails after x number of days

If a call is closed automatically after x days by the BPM, and you wish to advise the customer of the closure, you could set up the BPM to do that for you automatically. If, however, the analyst closes the call manually, then no email is sent by the BPM.

There are two scenarios when an email is sent from a request:

  • the analyst does an email update on a request (actually sending an email using the corresponding "Email" action);
  • the business process has "Email To..." nodes which does the emailing when that node is reached in BP progression.

If, for example, your BPM has a manual task which, if it expires, will progress the BP through to an "Email To..." node, you could set it up to send an email after x number of days.

When an analyst does a manual action on a request (such as "Resolve" or "Reopen"), it will be independent of the BP, the BP will not action in any way on the request. Since the BP is responsible for all these emailing notifications, you will not have an automatic email being fired when an analyst does the above actions.

However, there is one scenario (an exception on the above) where if the BP has a suspend node "Wait for Request Resolution" and the next node is an email notification, then when an analyst resolves the request, the suspended BP resumes and progress to the email node and you will have the automatic email. This is not the case when the request is reopened and again resolved as the BP already progressed past the "Wait for Resolution" node....

The BP does work as intended. However when the BP reaches the "closure" stage, as set in the BP, then the action focus is on the "Await Closure" task. This is a manual task which has an outcome. The BP then will progress to the relevant branch based on this outcome.

When the analyst closes the request manually, it does not do it "via the task". So, the BP does not know that something happened on the request because it expects something to happen "via the task". So according to current BP configuration and functionality, if your analyst is manually closing the request at this point, no automatic email will be triggered.

What is advisable is to ensure that analysts progress the request via the task and not via the request "Close" action.