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The Azure Automation package for Hornbill's IT Operations Management (ITOM) contains an administrative operation that can create Jobs from Runbooks on Azure Automation.

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Target Environment Requirements

Script Execution Machine Requirements

  • The Az PowerShell module needs to installed on the machine that will be executing the scripts;
  • If the script execution policy on the machine executing these operations is set to Restricted, then this will need to be updated to something less restrictive. See the PowerShell Documentation for more information.

KeySafe Configuration

Itomtarget keysafe.png
Azure keysafe.png

When creating SIS jobs for operations contained within this package, they need to be run on the target machine as a user who has the correct privileges within your environment, and will require an additional KeySafe Key to hold the account credentials to connect to Azure.

To create and securely store one or more Keys for operations within this package, in the admin console:

  • Navigate to: System > Security > KeySafe;
  • Click on + then select Username + Password;
  • Give the KeySafe Key a Title (this is the name/identifier for the account as you will see it when creating an IT Automation Job, or adding an IT Automation node to a Business Process or Runbook);
  • Optionally add a description;
  • Populate the Username field with the domain or Azure username for the account being used;
  • Populate the Password field with the password for the above account;
  • Select Create Key to save.

Once you have created your KeySafe Keys, you can then use them when creating IT Automation Jobs from this package.

The Username + Password type key that contains the Azure account details should be added to the IT Automation Job as an Extra Credential, and its reference in the job must be credential1.

See screenshots to the right for examples.

Package Operations

Azure job.png

The Azure Automation package contains the following operations, than can be used to create ITOM Jobs directly, or included in your Business Processes and/or IT Operations Management Rubooks.

Create Job

This operation can be used to create a Job from a Runbook in an Azure Automation account.

Extra Credentials

This operation requires an extra credential to be provided:

  • Credential Reference: credential1
  • Credential Keysafe Key Type: Username + Password

Input Parameters

  • Runbook (MANDATORY) - The name of the Runbook which you with to create the Job using;
  • ResourceGroup (MANDATORY) - The name of the Resource Group where the Automation Account resides
  • AutomationAccount (MANDATORY) - The name of the Automation Account where the Runbook resides
  • TenantID (MANDATORY) - The ID of the Azure Tenant

Output Parameters

  • errors - Any errors returned by the operation.
  • outcome - Outcome of the operation. Can be OK or FAIL.
  • jobId - The ID of the Azure Automation job that was created