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The Authorisation Action within a request allows for the selection of authorisors who will be sent an authorisation task. Updates are recorded in the Timeline of the request, alongside the other update types to provide an audit trail of all actions for each request. This action item is only displayed when the Wait for List of Request Authorisers node has been used in a BPM Workflow and this node has been reached.

Related Articles

Authorisor Search

The Authorisor Search lets you search for individual Hornbill Users that you would like to have included in the authorisation. Once a user has been located, click on the Add Authoriser button to add the user to the list of Authorisers

Associated Owners

The Associated Owners list is automatically populated with the owners of any linked assets, linked services, or the owner of the service that the request has been raised against. The purpose of this list is to present a list of possible users that may be required as part of the authorisation. All of the users listed in the Associated Owners list can be added to the Authorisers list by clicking on the Add All button or any individual user can be added by clicking on the Add (+) button.


The Authorisers list show all of the users that have been selected for the authorisation of this request. Some users may have been automatically added to this list as a result of the BPM Workflow pre-selecting the owners of the linked assets, linked services, or the owner of the service that the request is raised against.