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As Hornbill develops new applications for its platform/app store, we proactively look for individual customers to participate in our beta program. Hornbill's beta program is defined on an app-app basis, so although the spirit of the program is consistent, the details will be application specific. An important part of any beta process is to get early input from suitable customers, in a controlled way. Being a beta program we need pro-active use in a live environment, we do not release applications into Beta without first testing and verifying quality, and while we do not guarantee it will be absolutely error-free, we consider beta software to be of production quality, albeit not yet feature complete. The primary purpose of the beta program is to work with select customers to evolve the feature set of the application to achieve good product-market fit.

We recognize that it is our customers that know how their business works and what constitutes an application and features that deliver value to their organizations. Hornbill is expert at building applications, but customers are expert in their use, so we consider creating useful applications on the Hornbill platform as a collaboration between us and our customers.

Customers are invited to participate in individual beta programs on a case by case basis, programs are closed and typically limited to a small number of customers. We look for customers where there is a good fit and where the application can add good value to the customer's organization.

There are advantages for customers participating in the Beta program which we hope will incentivize and motivate participation. Some of the specifics are defined on a case by case basis but include: -

  • Early preview of upcoming applications
  • The opportunity to directly influence the direction and feature set of the new application
  • We will always aim to include a commercial reward for participation, typically this would be either a substantial price reduction (typically 50% or more) in the perpetual subscription of the application once it comes out of beta, or in some cases the application will be introduced free of any charge for beta/early adopters.

To qualify as a beta tester, each participating organization must meet the following criteria: -

  • There must be a valid business need for the application at the point in time you are participating in the beta program
  • You must be prepared to use the beta application in a live production environment.
  • You must be willing to participate in providing feedback via our community forums and direct with Hornbill's product teams during the beta program.
  • You must be willing to give us feedback/comments that we could in our marketing endeavors during the post-beta application release communications (which might include press, blogs, social media and event announcements).
  • Support for applications in beta will not be provided through the normal support channels under any Success Plan, support is ONLY available via the dedicated beta test area for the application on Hornbill's community forums.

We have very limited capacity for beta program participants, we generally work with a very small number of organizations during beta cycles where there is an obvious fit - the point being, opportunities are limited. Check back here to see new applications coming into beta. if you want to participate in any application beta program please post here and let us know, we will get in touch to qualify your interest and requirements.