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The Advanced Settings provides access to all of the available settings within your instance. These offer a number of detailed configuration options to configure your instance just the way that you want it. Some of these settings can also be managed from within other areas of the Administration interface or from the Hornbill Client. Before changing a setting it is important to understand how the setting is used in order to prevent any disruption on your instance.

Advanced List

  • Filter
The filter allow you to find a particular setting by entering part or all of the name of the setting you are looking for.
  • Categories
The Settings are separated into distinct areas. Using the Category Selector you can view settings that are associated to one of these areas.
  • Show Only Modified Settings
Each Setting is provided with a default value. The option to Show Only Modified Settings allows you to quickly see all settings that have been changed from their default value.
  • Show Read-only Settings
Some settings cannot be changed and are there for informational purposes only. Checking this option will include these settings within the main list. Read-only settings can be identified by their No Entry icon.
  • Revert to Default
A Revert icon is visible on the right hand side of each setting that has been changed from its original default value. Clicking on this icon will return the setting to its default value.

Experimental Features

Included with Hornbill are a number of experimental features. These are features that are currently being looked at as possible future functionality within Hornbill.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES: It is important to note that by definition, Experimental Features are provided as a way to allow our customer to preview some of the ideas we are experimenting with, these are "experimental' and that means the following: -

  • An experimental feature may be either defective and/or feature incomplete.
  • An experimental feature is subject to change at any time, without prior notice.
  • An experimental feature may be withdrawn/taken out of service at any time, for any reason and without prior notice.
  • You should not make purchasing decisions on the basis of experimental features for the above reasons.
  • An experimental feature should not be relied upon on for production use. You are free to use experimental features in production if there is an option to enable it, but by doing so you are accepting the points herein

Experimental Features

Information Additional settings are available for each individual application. These settings can be accessed under each application listed on the Administration Home page and navigating to the Settings page.