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This category includes more complex and often customer-specific needs such as integration with other data sources or business systems that you might want to interoperate. Because of the undefinable nature of these requirements we would deliver the work needed to put these things in place through paid-for consulting services either directly through one of our integration partners. The ongoing support and maintenance of such integrations will be agreed with customers on a case-by-case basis.

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Advanced integrations include

  • Bespoke Automated Data Imports - we have a site deployable Data Import tool that will perform ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) operations, pulling data from various local sources such as AD/LDAP, SQL Databases and Flat Files, transform the data and MERGE into your Hornbill instance. Once configured these data imports can be scheduled to run on a regular basis to keep your data up to date.
  • Web Services API - the Hornbill platform exposes all functionality through a single unified and fully documented web services API. The API is an XML RPC-style request/response messaging scheme, with all inputs and outputs fully described by XML Schema and on-line browsable documentation. We also provide simplified language bindings allowing developers to easily integrate within projects built using JavaScript, PHP, C#.NET , Java, C++, Powershell, Go and Python. You can view the full documentation for this API here
  • Web Hooks - the opposite to an API call, a web hook is a call from Hornbill to a web endpoint of your choosing. Most application actions on a Hornbill instance can trigger an action-specific event when an action is performed. Hornbill can be configured to call to a web end point passing the action-specific data to the web service. This is a very powerful mechanism that enables true, near real-time integration with other business systems. - Webhooks
  • Other Data Integration - we have a lot of flexibility in our systems design, each and every customers has their own fully isolated database so almost any type of data integration
  • Automated LDAP Import - We provide a system to import and update Co-Workers & Basic Users into Hornbill from your local LDAP without the need to open LDAP through your Firewall - AD User Import
  • Custom Domain using Reverse Proxy - You can access your Hornbill instance via your own custom domain by setting up your own reverse proxy Custom Domain using Reverse Proxy