Adding an Asset Manually

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  • Adding an Asset Manually

To add an asset manually, click the 'New Asset' button from the 'Manage Assets' landing page:
Creating a new asset

When adding a new asset, the first thing you need to do is select an asset type. The asset type is part of one of the Hornbill asset classes which each have their own extended attributes as well as all of the core shared attributes that all assets have. Selecting different asset types will present you with different fields to complete:

A new asset of type Desktop:
A computer system class asset

A new asset of type Smartphone:
A mobile device class asset

Depending on which asset type you have selected, various different attributes will be available/unavailable and also mandatory/non mandatory. To configure which attributes are available and are visible/mandatory, please see the documentation on asset type. If all attributes have been marked as visible in the asset type, the following attributes will be visible per section:

General Asset Information
General Asset Information

Physical Location Information
Physical Location Information

Financial Information
Financial Information

Disposal Information
Disposal Information

Depreciation Information
Creating a new asset

As previously mentioned, asset types fall under an asset classes. The following additional attributes are available for each asset class:

Computer System

Computer System Attributes - Computer Information

Computer System Attributes - Hardware Information

Computer System Attributes - Operating System Information

Computer System Attributes - Network Information

Computer Peripheral

Computer Peripheral Attributes

Mobile Device

Mobile Device Attributes

Network Device

Network Device Attributes


Printer Attributes


Software Attributes


Telecoms Attributes