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Add and design boards, add lanes, set rules and share the board with users, groups and roles.

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Add Board

To Create a New board, select Add Board from the the Boards Overview view.

  • Provide a Name for the board
  • Provide a description for the board
  • Choose which Card Types you want to allow to be added to your board

Design Board

By default all new boards will have one lane. Edit the details of this lane by clicking on Configure Lane

  • Name: Provide a name for the lane, as you want it to appear on the board
  • Width: Set the default width for the lane, default is 1
  • Lane widths can be manually expanded and collapsed when viewing the board
  • Set Lane Limit: Define a visual limit indicator for the lane, this will show but not enforce a limit of cards on a lane.
  • Lane ID: This is an automatically assigned value
  • Add Column Heading: Tick this option and provide a title for a sub title on the lane
  • Activity: COMING SOON
  • Rubbish: COMING SOON

Adding More Lanes

To add more lanes to a board, simply click on the Add New Lane Here option and repeat the design options as above.

Re-Order Lanes

In design mode, you can use the arrows at the top of each lane to move the lane left or right on the board

Remove Lane

Remove a lane by selecting Config Lane and the Remove option

Select Finish Designing to save your changes

To edit lanes and to change the the cards types which are allowed on the board, select Design Board from the menu buttons

Share Board

Select Share Board from the menu buttons

  • Choose which User, Group or Role you want to share the board with
  • Choose which rights you wish to give the chosen User, Group or Role
  • Select Share to apply
  • Repeat the process as required.
  • Change User, Group or Role Rights at any time