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Hornbill continuously delivers value to our customers by pushing new features, improvements and fixes on a continuous basis following a Continuous Deployment Agile methodology, and like other web applications, these features are added incrementally and transparently with no disruption to your service or user experience.

Sometimes we like to do something extra, something that will delight and even surprise our customers by introducing something brand new or significant enough to be notable. Every notable release is given a project name and is listed against that project name and the timeframe its delivered to our customers in.

This page provides a running history of these releases.

Update History

Avant-garde - Spring 2015 - All new user interface, developed in AngularJS and BootstrapUI, faster, cleaner, modern and awesome UI.
Admin 2.0 - Sping 2016 - All new user interface using AngularJS and BootstrapUI brings the admin tool the same faster, cleaner and awesome UI as our user interface.
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