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The Timesheet Manager app allows users to record their time spent completing activities across the different categories of work they undertake. Users are able to manage their own timesheets and those of other users they manage.

Hornbill's Timesheet Manager App is currently available as a Beta App as we are looking to solicit feedback in relation to the features and functionality you, our customers, feel are required to take this app to the next stage in its evolution. Feedback, enhancement suggestions, queries on the current functionality or capability of the app, and general how-tos can be posted on the dedicated Timesheet Manager forum found here: Hornbill Community forums: Timesheet Manager.

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In order to use Timesheet Manager, a user will need to have the following role assigned to their user profile


  • TimesheetManager User
This role gives someone basic user capabilities for using the Timesheet Manager App

Manage Users & Categories

In order to report on other users Timesheets and be able to configure Timesheet Categories and Sub Categories, a user must have a Membership type of Manager defined against one or more Organisational Groupings. Organisational Groupings and memberships can be managed from Home > System > Organisational Data > Organisation



My Timesheets

  • Add and Record My time
  • Manually define the Category and Sub Category against which your time will be recorded
  • Toggle between time only input, or start - end time inputs
  • Manually record time, or use a stop watch to record actual elapsed time
  • Comments
  • View where my time is spent
  • View time allocated per Category and Sub Category per Day and Week
  • View total time allocated per Day and Week

Manage Categories

  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Sub Categories
  • Manage Members
Timesheet Reports.png

In order to separate out and record users time, it is important to define the Categories against which you want to record and report on user's time. It is also possible to define Sub Categories against each Category, an example of Category and Sub Categories could be:

  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Review

When defining Categories and Sub Categories it is also possible to assign which users (Members) can see and use the options when recording their time.

  • Manage Default Categories

Having defined the Categories needed, it is possible to map each Category and or Sub Category to the following views, so the users don't need to manually select the Category / Sub Category when completing emails, and activities:

  • Email
  • Activity
  • Request Actions


  • Report on your own, co-workers or groups time
  • Report by Category, Sub Category and Date


A Plug-in is a small piece of functionality provided by one Hornbill app which is integrated into another Hornbill app


  • Email - Record time spent composing emails from shared mailboxes, and on the sending of the emails, have the time spent recorded automaticallyin the users timesheet.
  • Activities - Record the time spent in completing activities through the Days / Hours / Minutes time spent feature of an activity and have the time recorded automatically in the users timesheet.

Service Manager

  • Activities - Record the time spent in completing request activities through the Days / Hours / Minutes time spent feature of a request activity and have the time recorded automatically in the users timesheet
  • Request Actions - Record the time spent in completing request actions, and have the time recorded automatically in the users timesheet. Configuration options exist to enable or disable the ability to record time per action type, per request type per service.
  • Total Time Recorded in Timesheet Manager per request
  • Graphical representation of the amount of time recorded against the different Categories / sub categories per request
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