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Hornbill allows administrators to switch between Progressive Captures at any point within the workflow. This is typically facilitated through Catalog Items, and can be useful for a number of reasons for example:

  • Ability to use a combination of generic (default) and specific Progressive Capture question sets in a single flow
  • The opportunity to use smaller, more granular flows that are easier to build, edit an maintain
  • Flexibility to switch to defined, or variable Progressive Captures
  • When switching captures the UI for the analyst is smooth as you are linking one process to another not replacing one with another
  • The ability to return / revisit the forms in the initial capture flow, once you have switched or linked to a second process capture flow in order to change values / choices or even change which progressive capture to switch / link too.
  • You don't need to include the same forms in both Progressive Captures, for example the Customer Search form could just be used in the initial progressive capture, and removed from the catalog item progressive capture (obviously if it already exists it will simply be ignored).

For full information on how to configure the various areas discussed, please select the relevant links from the "Related Articles" section

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The video below explains why as an administrator you may want to switch from one Progressive Capture to the next, the key concepts of a Default Progressive Capture, a Catalog Specific Progressive Capture, and how to use and configure the Switch Capture Node when building the workflow in the Admin Tool