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Project Manager allows Project Managers and stakeholders to raise and manage their projects. Bring together scheduling, resources, project plans, tasks, costs, and much more to plan and manage your projects. With the use of the Hornbill's Business Process Manager, build projects that follow anything from a simple workflow to a industry standard Project Management processes.

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App Status

Project Manager has been published as a BETA App as we are looking to solicit feedback from you on what features and functionality you might feel are required to take this to the next stage in its evolution.

  • If you have any feedback or requests for additional features please post them as new topics here on our forum page: Project Manager
  • During the BETA period, you are able to install and make use of the Hornbill Project Manager App for FREE however once the Hornbill Project Manager App is taken out of BETA and made available for subscription it will become a chargeable option.
  • Pricing for the App will be based on the number of Named Subscribers and our planned subscription charge will be £10 Per User Per Month.
  • Notice will be provided in advance of this switch, and you will have the option then to subscribe if you wish to continue to use the Hornbill Project Manager App.


The project portfolio provides a list of the active projects that you are a stakeholder in. Projects where you are not either the Project Manager or a Stakeholder will not be available from this view.
The Overview Tab give a stakeholder a quick view of the current state of the Project. At a glance, you are able to see the milestones, the tasks being worked on, and some key Project information.
The Project Details provides information about the project's purpose and scope. View this information to know more about the goals of the project.
Milestones are key points in a project, they can be used to indicate if the project work is on track to meet the completion date for the project.
Tasks are a key aspect of all projects. Plan, schedule and assign tasks that are required to fulfil your project.
View and Analyse Project Resources
Associate related entities to the project and define how they are related. It is possible to relate Change and Release Requests, Services and Configuration Items if the Service Manager Application is also installed on your instance.
Add and manage project risks
Understanding and managing the costs associated with with a project is an important consideration. Associate estimated and actual costs to the project
Manage the members of the project, assign roles and give them access to your projects and have them available to be assigned project tasks.
  • Documents
The Document option is part of the Document Manager Plug-in to Project Manager. See Project Manager Plug-ins
Upload attachments relevant to your project
The activity stream is a notification mechanism and conversation space for the project. It lists project relevant discussions for the project stakeholders, and allows them to collaborate on it's content.
The audit history records all adds, edits or deletions for project entities such as milestones, tasks, risks, costs and stakeholders


A very powerful aspect to Hornbill is the ability of the different Apps to work together. Below are some of these plug-ins between Project Manager and other Hornbill Apps

  • Service Manager
With Service Manager installed, Project Stakeholders can relate Requests, Assets and Services to Projects. In order to use this feature, Project Manager users will require a Service Manager subscription.
  • Document Manager
With Document Manager installed, Project Stakeholders can search for and relate documents they have access to with the projects.
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