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Email is used by the Hornbill applications in various processes. For example, Service Manager within Incident management it can be used to both receive requests to create a call or to communicate progress or resolution of a request.

Your new Hornbill instance is equipped with a default mailbox (helpdesk) which has an inbound service and email address already configured. This can be used to get up and running more quickly. To begin using the default mailbox a new Security Role must be created. Before creating a new role for use with your shared mailbox, we recommend reading general information on the Hornbill Roles, please see the Roles wiki page.

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Creating a Shared Mailbox Role

Create a new Security Role

Create a New Security Role

Navigate to Home > System > Organisational Data > Roles in Hornbill Administration

Click 'Create New Role'(located to the top right of the list) and populate the fields as follows:-
  • Role ID: Mailbox – mySharedMailboxname
  • Privilege Level: User
  • Type: Security
  • Description: This Role will be used to grant access to the mySharedMailboxname Shared Mailbox
At this stage the "Applications" and "Shared Mailboxes" fields aren't active so simply click 'Create Role'

Associate a Shared Mailbox to the New Role

Associate a Mailbox to the new role
Now complete the remaining fields. A role purely governing access to a Shared Mailbox does not need application context so the "Applications" field can be left blank.
  • Shared Mailboxes: select the relevant shared mailbox
  • Click 'Save'

A further tab will now be exposed at the top of the form labelled "Shared Mailbox Rights".

Select the desired rights

When a Mailbox is associated, a new tab appears called "Shared Mailbox Rights"
  • Click the “Shared Mailbox rights” Tab
  • Then set the desired rights

Suggested Rights for a Typical User

This set of rights allows a user to perform all the common actions required to process messages that are received by the Shared Mailbox. It allows a user to view and manage the contents of the shared mailbox.

  • Can Get Folder Properties
  • Can Get message
  • Can Flag Message
  • Can Delete Message
  • Can Add File Attachment
  • Can send message
  • Can Edit Message
  • Can Search Message

Minimum Rights for Sending An Email

This set of rights only allows an agent to send a message from the Hornbill Platform. It does not allow the user to view or process the contents of the shared mailbox.

  • Can Send Message
  • Can Add File Attachment
Check the desired rights and save. The image shows a suggested set of Mailbox rights

Once you're happy with your chosen rights, click "Save" and proceed to Associate the Role to the Users who will require access to this mailbox.

Integrate with your own Email

Hornbill includes some powerful email integration capabilities. This is performed in Hornbill Administration via Home > System > Email.

See Email Administration for links to all email-related configuration or click one of the following to find out more: