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Hornbill Technologies requires notebook computer level deployment of the organisation’s specified firewalls, anti-malware software, and automatic updating facilities are enabled, up to date and meet the corporate minimum standards and to be encrypted.

Hornbill Technologies requires mobile devices (laptops, mobile computers, PDAs, Mobile phones, Blackberrys, USB sticks and other similar memory devices) to have a password protection where appropriate/possible and to be encrypted.

Hornbill Technologies requires that notebook computers are physically protected against theft and damage while in transit, in storage or in use and that, in cases of loss or theft this is reported immediately.

Hornbill Technologies requires that all the most recent operating system and application security-related patches, fixes and updates have been installed.

Hornbill Technologies requires that notebook computers are backed up in line with the organisation back up procedure.

Hornbill Technologies requires users to comply with the organisation requirements on the means of connecting to public access points, and accessing the organisation information. Hornbill Technologies requires users to act with care in public places so as to avoid the risk of screens and confidential notebook computer activity being overlooked by unauthorised persons.

Hornbill Technologies provides users with appropriate training and awareness to ensure that they understand the risks of wireless computing and that they understand and can carry out their agreed security obligations.

All remote workers and teleworkers working from home must use a security enabled wireless configuration where that is the preferred connection method and a secure connection (VPN) to the organisation’s network. Remote workers must not transfer files from their own personal computers to Hornbill’s network and vice versa.

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