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Compliance and Regulatory Requirements - Geographical

Hornbill has a documented policy that lists all data protection laws for countries\regions in which Hornbill operates, this includes

• Laws – List of Laws and regulations that are relevant to Data Protection or Personal Identifiable information.

• Definitions - Definition of personal data and Sensitive Personal Data

• Bodies – Details of National data protection Authorites who operate within the given location and any registration process that must be performed prior to operating.

• Collection and Processing – Details of what can be collected\processed and hpw.

• Transfer – Details of what can be transferred into\outof the given geographical location and under what circumstances.

• Security – Details of what security is required inorder to hold data

• Breach Notifications – Details of bodies or actions that must be informed\taken in event of data breach

• Enforcement – List of bodies that may enforce any laws and expected fines should any problems exist.

• Electronic Marketing – Details of regulations specific to electronic communication.

• Cookie Consent – details of what is required to obtain consent for Cookies or other tracking.

This document is checked on annual basis to ensure that all information contained is accurate and new countries are added as customers located in those region enter the sales forecast pipeline.

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