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The network controls and system for remote connection via VPN coupled with the firewall and other network security features help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of electronic messages. Additionally, outgoing e-mail has a disclaimer added to the message indicating that the message and the information contained within it is intended for the recipient alone and that any unintentional recipient should not act upon the information apart from notification to sender that the message has been inadvertently diverted. The unintended recipient should delete the message and inform the sender of the error. Rules for the use of e-mail are defined within employee handbook.

Notification and Communication

Any customer effected by a given incident will be notified. Hornbill will provide the following level of communication for each of the defined events.


Initial communication by Bulk email to all effected customers (Primary\Secondary and Technical as well as customer Partner) within 15 minutes

Status Page and Notification to all subscribed users within 15 minutes of Incident occurring. Continued updates every 15 minutes.

Full RCA posted to Forum within 1 day of event being resolved.

Security Breach

Initial communication by Bulk Email to all effected customers (Primary\Secondary and Technical as well as customer partner) within 1 hour of event.

Follow up telephone call to all effected customers (Primary) within 1 day

Daily updates (either by phone or email as agreed during follow up phone call)

Full RCA and Post Mortem via Email within 1 day of event being resolved.

Security Request

In the event of a request for access to data from Law enforcement or other entity not immediately rejected the customer (Primary\Secondary and Technical) will be notified and approval sought before any action is taken (Unless the request specifically excludes such action/is non-negotiable and/or has been approved by the Chief Executive Officer).

All communication will be via official channels. No personal mailboxes\twitter accounts or other social media will be used. If you have any concerns relating to communication either sent from or that appears to be sent from ourselves please contact

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