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Hornbill Introductory Webinars

Hornbill presents a number of webinars to assist Hornbill Administrators understand and become aware of various concepts, features and functionality that are available within the Hornbill Platform.

These "Knowledge Transfer" webinars are available to both participants of the 30 day trial and existing Hornbill subscribers looking for a refresh or bring a new Hornbill Administrator up to speed.

If you are undertaking the 30 Day trial or other implementation approach, your Product Specialist will also be running a number of "Personal Sessions" with only your organisation/staff, to focus on your specific configuration. These will be scheduled outside of the training webinars.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the webinars, you can search the Hornbill Wiki, or post them to the Hornbill Forums (https://forums.hornbill.com/) where the whole team here at Hornbill will be able to reply and assist - and you may even get assistance from the rest of our community i.e. other Hornbill subscribers, where configuration methods and ideas are often shared.

Hornbill Trained for Life

As part of Hornbill's "Trained for Life" guarantee, all Hornbill subscribers also have the option to register for any of these sessions at any point. For example, if you have a new starter looking to get to grips with Hornbill Administration, want to learn about a particular new feature or some functionality, or you simply require a refresher in a particular area, Hornbill's "Trained for Life" gives you the benefit of joining these knowledge transfer sessions alongside the Wiki documentation that is available to all and constantly updated.


We have seven knowledge transfer webinars that we suggest you take the time to watch:

  1. An Introduction to Hornbill
  2. Business Process and Progressive Capture
  3. Service Catalog and Portals
  4. Asset and Config Manager
  5. Hornbill Collaboration features
  6. Advanced Service Manager Functionality
  7. Dashboards and Reporting

We would highly recommend that participants of the Hornbill 30 day trial watch at least the first 3 webinars prior to the 30 days or for the first week. The remainder can be watched over the course of the 30 days in line with the progression of the personal sessions.

If you are partaking in an implementation, you will be provided with links to each Webinar after your initial session with a Hornbill Product Specialist. However if you need these at any other point, please email switchon@hornbill.com and we will forward the latest versions over to you.