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What is the importance of the Instance Name in respect to provisioning our Hornbill 30 Day Free Trial?

The Instance Name is used in the URL used by your organisation to access your specific Hornbill instance, this needs to be memorable easily identifiable and unique to your organisation.

By way of example the Hornbill Public Demo instance which is available on our Corporate Website has the instance name Demo as such access to this is possible from the following URL https://live.hornbill.com/demo/

As part of the sign up process for the Hornbill 30 Day Free Trial you will be asked to provide an Instance Name which our Product Specialists will use to initiate the provisioning of your specific Hornbill instance.

The instance name should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Must be unique and identifiable. As such requests for intance names such as itsupport, serivcedesk or help will not be accepted.
  • Only contain letters and numbers (and must start with a letter)
  • No special characters (&, +, =, etc.)
  • Be no more than 45 characters long

In the event an Instance Name is requested that has already been allocated you will be advised and an alternative will need to be provided.

Hornbill retains the right to reject an Instance Name if it is felt to be inappropriate.

What is the Account Authority, and what responsibilities does this person have?

The Account Authority is a named contact on record for your Hornbill Instance who has the authority to make commercial and strategic decisions on behalf of your organisation in relation to Hornbill, these responsibilities include and are not limited to:

  • Accepting the Hornbill Solution at the end of the 30 Day Free Trial and initiating the subscription to the Hornbill Service.
  • Increasing or decreasing the number of subscriptions to a particular Hornbill solution.
  • Subscribing or Unsubscribing to a Hornbill application.

In essence this person is the overall sponsor of the Hornbill Solution within your organisation.

What is the Switch On Lead, and what responsibilities does this person have?

During the Free 30 Day Trial we will undertake to deliver a Switch On. This is a Free Implementation Service that we offer to our prospects to get you up and running on Hornbill at no cost. As part of this process you are required to nominate a Switch On Lead who will be the primary point of contact for your organisation, with whom our Product Specialist will work closely in order to undertake to implement Hornbill.

This person will will be responsible for completing (or co-ordinating the completion of) the pre-requisite material and have the authority to make decisions (or co-ordinate decision making) with regards to Service Delivery, configuration of Hornbill, importing of data, integration and business process definition.

What is the Primary Technical Contact, and what responsibilities does this person have?

Once the Switch On is complete, it will be necessary to have on record one or more support contacts. The primary contact will have the authority to raise questions or requests with Hornbill Support and will be required to liaise with the Hornbill Customer Success Team with regards to implementing solutions. They should also have the authority to make decisions regarding Cloud Service availability (in the unlikely event of our Cloud team needing to co-ordinate a downtime requirement). The contact should be trusted with Application Admin privileges.

They will also be required to approve the registration of additional support contacts. You may depending on your Success Plan add a number of additional supported contacts. Hornbill will only take support requests from known and pre registered contacts for your instance as part o four cloud security policies.

What is the Secondary Technical Contact, and what responsibilities does this person have?

It is advisable to have a Secondary Technical Contact within your organization registered with Hornbill so as to allow this person to raise Application Support requests with the Hornbill Customer Success Team in addition to or in the place of your Primary Technical Contact should they be unavailable.

What is the Data Protection Officer, and what responsibilities does this person have?

If we have any data security issues that we need to raise with your organization, this contact would be our first port of call. This is typically the person in your organization responsible for your information security policies and practices, but it can be anyone you nominate. If you do not specify a contact point for this then we would default to communicating or sending notifications of such issues to the authoritative contact.

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