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The Hornbill App Store is a place where one can go to browse, install, and remove applications on your Hornbill Instance. The applications are categorized under the topic of Staff Management, Sales Management, Customer Management, Service Management, Project Management, and Financial Management.

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Learning More About the Available Apps

By clicking on each available application you are able to view the details of that application. This includes videos, screenshots, and release notes.

Managing Your Applications

From the App Store you can install, update, and uninstall the available applications.


Each application has a option to install on your instance, provided it is not already installed. A simple click on the install button and within seconds the application is available for use.


When a new release of an installed application is available a notification will be displayed in the Hornbill Administration. By clicking on the application you can view the release notes for this new version. With click of the Update button you will soon be up and running with the latest features.


If you happen to have an application installed that you no longer need, it can be removed with a click of a button. Have you uninstalled by mistake? Not a worry...your data is intact. Re-install and start from where you left off.

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